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Corporate legal assistance

Corporate legal assistance

El Laithy & Associates – Lawyers provide a full range of integrated corporate legal services to satisfy all our clients’ legal needs.

Our corporate legal practice serves a diverse clientele ranging from private individuals and local corporate entities to multinational organizations and investment funds in a variety of sectors. We also offer consultancy services to foreign firms, individuals and legal entities.

High standards of services

High standards of services

We offer and maintain high standards of corporate legal services and have a deep understanding of local and regional business and legal environments.

Our aim is to achieve the best possible result at the earliest possible date for all our clients in every situation.

Affordable prices

Affordable prices

Our legal services are sophisticated but affordable and we pride ourselves on providing impeccable representation to all our clients whether growing companies, established businesses or high net-worth individuals.
Professional legal expertise

Professional legal expertise

Our combination of practice excellence and deep industry expertise provides a distinct competitive advantage for our clients, with our attorneys widely recognized as the best in their fields.

We guarantee our clients trusted legal information and a deep understanding of all the legal alternatives for each case.

About us

El Laithy & Associates – Lawyers was founded in 2000 by Mr. Amr Nosseir and Mr. Ahmed El Laithy under the name “Nosseir Law Firm.” Since then, the firm has grown rapidly and is one of the most reputable law firms in Egypt today. After Mr. Nosseir’s death in 2013, the majority ownership of the firm transferred directly to Mr. Ahmed El Laithy and the name of the firm was changed to El Laithy & Associates – Lawyers.

Our lawyers are highly ranked in their fields with professional certifications from distinguished universities. We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to serve all kinds of clients and to efficiently address a wide range of legal issues.

Why El Laithy & Associates - lawyers?

  • El Laithy & Associates – Lawyers is one of the largest law firms in Egypt. We represent clients in major business matters regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • “Quality and good service” is the motto of our firm. Our goal is to provide the best available legal representation at a reasonable and fair cost to our clients.
  • We are proud of the high legal and ethical standards that have been established by our firm and the tradition of excellence that we work to maintain.
  • Good legal representation comes from good people. A firm is distinguished by the ethics and professionalism of its attorneys.
  • We believe in the importance of specialization. Each of our attorneys is an expert in one or more areas of law.
  • In cases that require expertise in several fields, we pool the extensive experiences of our team to provide the most effective and applicable legal solution to our esteemed clients.
  • We work hard to improve the quality of life for our clients, our community and our families.

Mr. Ahmed El Laithy – CEO

Mr. El Laithy is the chief executive officer of the firm. He succeeded Mr. Amr Nosseir who passed away in 2013.

He has over thirteen years of experience in corporate legal consultancy in Egypt and specializes in a range of areas including investment law, money market law, companies law, civil and commercial law, import and export law, agency law, trademark law, social insurance law, and labour law.

Mr. El Laithy plays an important role in ensuring that legal and other services are delivered to clients in a timely manner and with the highest quality.

He has an extensive list of professional qualifications including a BA in Law and an International Trade Diploma from Cairo University, Egypt; a Diploma in Economy from the Institute of African Research and Studies, Cairo University; and a Certificate for the Preparation of International Arbitrators from Ain Shams University’s International Arbitration Centre.

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